“Empower children and young people from all social, economic and ethnic groups through the arts”

Welcome to The Little Art, a registered non-profit arts education organization

We use the medium of art to promote education and positive social values through innovative learning opportunities among children and youth, specially marginalized and from low-income backgrounds.

We work in public and private education sector through our child-centered programs to improve children’s experience of learning through the arts.

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We enjoy what we do,  and believe that organisations are built on passion, creativity and the social relevance of their idea.

We run Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, our first project that we started  in 2007. It brings world’s best films made for, by and about children and young people to Pakistan.

The Little Art is an inclusive organisation, which means, we bring children and youth from all social backgrounds to our programs. We work with Govt. and private school children, as well as street, margenalized and special children.

Regardless of the background and to know from where children and youth come from, we care about what are their dreams and where they want to reach.

We want to diversify in various art forms, so each year we kept creating innovative projects in visual arts, photography, theatre and puppetry.

In visual arts we run ArtBeat – National ChildArt Competition and Exhibitions, which has a theme each year for children to draw and paint. We put an online exhibition of all submitted artwork, hold exhibitions in art galleries in Lahore and Islamabad, give cash prizes to children and promote their work to international art exhibitions.

We have developed a puppetry book, that explains how to make puppets and use it with children in formal and informal teaching. We have conducted workshops with organisations that run street children’s shelter homes.

We organise various competitions and workshops around the year.

We are also offering consultancy services that helps us to continue our mission.

4th ArtBeat – Exhibition Opening in Lahore
The Little Art organized the opening of season’s second exhibition event in Lahore for the 4th ArtBeat– National Child Art Competition and Exhibition 2015. In the 4 editions of the program, nearly 16,000 children and youth have participated in the competition, 9 exhibitions has been organized across Pakistan, 10 studio workshops were conducted for children […]
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4th ArtBeat – Exhibition Opening in Islamabad
The Little Art organized the first exhibition of 4th season of ArtBeat – National Child Art Competitions & Exhibitions. This year’s theme “Kaisa Pakistan” encouraged children to reflect on their identity, visualize their true culture, draw and paint how they see Pakistan. 4th ArtBeat received artworks from 210 schools and nearly 25 community organizations from […]
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Karachi International Children’s Film Festival 2015
We’re nearing October here at KICFF and that means the craziest and most exciting time of the year is upon us! We have finished programming for what may be KICFF’s strongest and most diverse film slate yet. We’ve discovered so many great films that we can’t wait to share with everyone. Karachi International Children’s Film […]
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Once Upon a Film – 2nd Inter-School National Filmmaking Competition
Once Upon a Film – 2nd Inter-School National Filmmaking Competition The Little Art invites under 18 young people to participate in the 2nd Inter-school National Filmmaking Competition “Once Upon a Film”. Through this competition, we aim to give students, young and teens to showcase the talent of filmmaking in Lahore International Children’s Film Festival and […]
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Results of 2015 ArtBeat Are Here!
The most anticipated announcement for kids and youth is here. We are announcing the results of ArtBeat – National ChildArt Competition and Exhibitions here, along with our respected jury who help us in selection and throughout the project. We tried our best in dealing with child art; a very challenging task indeed when it comes […]
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We are creating educational and cultural opportunities for marginalized children and youth from low-income backgrounds in Pakistan. We need your help.

We work on issues such as;

  • 1Global Exposure and Understanding
  • 2 Critical Thinking
  • 3 Reading and Writing Skills
  • 4Peace Building and Tolerance
  • 5Child Protection and Democratic Rights
  • 6Capacity Building of Teachers & Caregivers
  • 7Sustaining Cultural Heritage

We are committed to create a positive impact on a child’s life that helps them to develop lifelong goals. We nurture a child’s dreams, and empower them to realise those dreams. We envisage a society that is peaceful, democratic, child-friendly and creative. Our major objectives are to improve Pakistani children’s understanding towards the world they live in, and transform education by engaging them in child-centered interactive learning based on the arts.

  • We need your help to continue our mission.
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